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"Split Second"

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Aired on Sunday, April 29, 2013 9:00pm
Runtime 60 minutes
Network Showcase

"Love it" - ,

Shows Overview:

Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), a Vancouver City Protective Services officer, is transported from the year 2077 to 2012 when eight ruthless terrorists, known as Liber8, attempt to escape execution through time travel. With the help of 17 year old tech genius Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) and VPD officer Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster), Kiera must survive in our time period, and capture Liber8 before they can alter the course of history and change the future.

Episode Plot:

Kiera and Carlos's reunion is a bumpy one as they attempt to thwart Liber8's brazen hijacking of a prison transfer. Meanwhile, Kellog approaches Alec with an enticing partnership proposition. The young genius is tempted, but will it lead him down a dark path?

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